Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank Goodness for Tivo and Mia Goes MIA

So You Think You Can Dance is on Mondays and Tuesdays now? Didn't it used to be one Wednesdays and Thursdays or am I just losing my mind? Quite possibly, I guess! If it wasn't for Tivo, I would have totally missed it! Whew! I know what you are thinking: "That would have been a crisis!" Agreed.

It is a good thing that season 2 of the Rachel Zoe Project is over because with Gossip Girl also on Mondays, it would have been hard deciding which two of the shows to record! Thank goodness Husband has his very own Tivo so he can record Monday Night Football. I think we would be in trouble if we only had one box! I must say, this post makes me realize that I watch some impressive TV shows and I am probably too old to watch most of them. It is good thing that it is free country! Good luck to anything that tries to come between me and my quality entertainment.

Anyway....I am excited to watch the official show of Season 6, but I was so sad to hear that Mia is leaving. Why, Mia? WHY?????? Well, I forgive you. If only because you created the bench routine. How could I stay mad at you? You will be missed. SYTYCD will not be the same without you!


Hillary said...

So true, SYTYCD will not be the same without Mia! Do you think we will see more from Lil C? (I secretly like a little Krump every once and a while)

And I might have to stop watching if Paula Abdul actually comes to the show...yuck.

Emilie said...

The bench dance was the first dance that blew my mind. Since, I'm obsessed with the bed dance, the door dance, and the one with Joshua and Katie when they did that long run across the stage - ? I think you know which ones I mean. Every few weeks I have to watch them and swoon.

Joy said...

Hillary, It would be pretty hard to watch if Paula came on the show. I like having Adam Shankman has the "nice judge"! I do love me some Lil C, too. I love his pontifications!

Em, I know which ones you are talking about; Mia consistently put out such amazing pieces. The door routine is another favorite of mine. So far, I haven't been as impressed this season. :-(

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